One App

OneApp is a SharePoint site used for Requirements Management, Test Management, and Reporting Services as part of the System Engineering Technical Review (SETR) process. OneApp provides program and project management with an independent subject matter assessments of the program’s technical health and maturity at key point in the development life cycle and Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) process.   

End users parse various Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) Documents and older Operational Capabilities Documents (ORD) into SharePoint lists.   Lists capture Capabilities, Systems Command Performance Specifications (PSpec) Specifications and testable verifications.  From this data Requirements Managers and Subject Matter Experts create bi-directional Requirements Traceability Matrices (RTMs). 


  • Manages Requirements
    • Capability requirements from user documents
    • Specification requirements from Performance Specification documents.
  • Manages Requirements Traceability
    • Provides bi-directional traceability between capabilities, specifications, verifications, and determinations
  • Manages Test Events and Results
    • Verifications from test events
    • Determinations from audits and reviews
  • Standard and Custom Reports
    • Reports for use in Test Plans, Test Procedures, and Test Reports
    • Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) Reports
    • Capabilities and Specification Pie Charts and Detailed reports
    • Event Summary Pie Charts and Detailed reports
    • Quick Look reports for use during test events
  • Maintains Project artifacts
  • Archives historical data